Price of Garri Drops by 22% in Enugu, Rises by 50% in Kogi.

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The price of garri, a staple food in most Nigerian households, has dropped by about 22% in many markets in Enugu.

According to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) survey in Enugu city on Friday a paint bucket of white garri has decreased from N3,500 to N2,500. Mores so, the price of a paint bucket of the yellow variety now sells for between N3,500 and N3,200, down from N4,000 and N3,700, depending on the brand.

Some dealers attribute this development to the ongoing cassava harvest in parts of the state.

Mrs. Nkechi Egbo, a retailer at the New Market in Enugu, told NAN that a 100kg bag of white garri, which previously sold for N134,400, now costs N105,000. Similarly, a 100kg bag of yellow garri, which sold for N168,000 and N160,000, now sells for N142,000 and N147,000, respectively. She also noted that a milk cup of yellow garri, which previously sold for N300 and N200, now goes for N250, N200, and N150 per cup.

Another retailer, Mama Ada, attributed the price drop to the high harvest in Ugbawka and Nara Communities in Nkanu East Local Government Areas. She suggested that prices might further drop in the coming weeks as other communities in Enugu and Ebonyi states continue to harvest last year’s cassava while planting new crops.

However, farmer Mr. Mathew Nwankwo explained that the price of garri had increased previously due to the high costs of other commodities and the expenses involved in cultivating cassava. According to Nwankwo, farmers face increased costs for labor, land use, and various processing materials, which contribute to the overall cost of garri in the market.

Mrs. Vivian Okoro, a teacher, welcomed the price drop, noting that many families had found it difficult to afford garri due to its high price. She urged the government to support farmers to make staple foods like rice, beans, and garri more affordable for Nigerians.

In contrast, residents in neighboring Kogi State are facing soaring food prices, particularly for garri.

A survey conducted by our correspondent at the International and Old Markets in Lokoja on Friday revealed that the price of the yellow rubber measure of garri has risen to around N5,000 from N2,500 it was few months ago. The price of beans has also increased, rising from N3,000 to N4,000, with expectations of further hikes.

They expressed concern that shylock traders in Lokoja have continued to hike prices of their food stuffs, arbitrarily,the biting effect of the current high inflation in Nigeria notwithstanding.

Buyers in Kogi State have called on the State House of Assembly to sponsor a bill for the establishment of a Price Control Board to regulate prices and prevent exploitative practices by traders.

Mrs. Joy Audu, a civil servant, expressed hope that a legislative process similar to the one that established the Anti-Corruption Agency in the state could be followed to establish a Price Control Board, thereby making essential commodities more affordable.
NAN/The Reporters.

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