Covid 19: Pharmacist provides free 24-hour temperature check-up in Kwara

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A Nigerian,US-based Pharmacist, Dr. Abdulraheem Malik, has directed all the branches of his pharmaceutical outfits across Kwara to operate free 24-hour temperature check up for people in the state.

This is with a view to deterning their health status as the state strive to prevent the spread of the pandemic Coronavrus in the state.

Speaking with newsmen during an interview, Malik, who is also the Managing Director, Rotamedics Pharmacy explained that has gesture was to complement the Kwara government’s efforts in curbing the spread of Covid-19.

He said: “Experts have also said the virus is also spread by micro droplets that linger in the air for a long time, especially in enclosed settings.

“They have recommended keeping doors and windows open for ventilation, whenever people gather in a room.

“In my little capacity to support the state government to manage this crisis, I am providing free temperature checks in all the branches of Rotamedics Pharmacy.

“This will help in the preliminary steps toward detection, diagnosis, quarantine and subsequent reduction in the spread of the corona virus.”

He expressed concern over thehe impact of the infection across the world, while cautioning the public to place high priority on ensuring the disease does not spread throughout the state.

Malik commended the state government for taking proactive measures against the disease by placing lockdown and setting up the Technical Committee on Covid 19, adding that the action taken by the governor was in the best interest of people.

He added: “The no movement policy will help curtail the spread of the virus by all undetected carriers.

” I appeal to everyone in Kwara to support the Governor and his team by adhering to the directive without compromise.

“Kudos to the Deputy Governor, Mr. Kayode Alabi and members of the committee for paying a surprise visit to some check points where security agents were caught compromising their mandate and letting passengers and vehicles into the state.”

The pharmacist also advised that state government to mandate all citizens in the state to wear mask, adding that this would go along way to curb the spread of the disease.

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