Ahead of 2023 Presidential Poll : Nigeria Needs Transformational Leadership As Exemplified By Bola Ahmed Tinubu (BAT)

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By Dr Sam Jenfa.

Asiwaju Bola Tinubu,APC presidential candidate.

There is no gainsaying to state the fact that Nigeria’s economy has dramatically shifted from bad to worst since the inception of third spell of democracy to date.

The economy of a nation that was meant to stand as the pride of Africa has plummeted to
an extreme poverty-stricken country to the extent that the oil rich nation of Nigeria outstrips India with 87 million of people living in a depressed state of economic status in comparison to that of India’s 73 million of people in poverty as of 2018. In tandem to the state of depressive economy across all the sectors of our nation namely Health, Education, Industries, Road, Energy and Mineral Resources Management, are the insurgences of ethnicity and religious divide, which are challenging to the peace and unity of our great nation.

Nigeria was built to be One Nation bound in Freedom, Peace and Unity, but opposite of
oneness is the case with the riveting of regional division with the agenda to break – away
from the rest of the block (one nation of Nigeria) with cold war that produces loss of many lives and properties.

Its interesting to note that all these debacles including the state of our security standing
against the development of our nation economy could be fixed by voting the right and
credible political leaders in place both at the national and state levels in the forthcoming elections.
But this can only be possible if the underground power behind the progress and
peaceful nation of Nigeria allows it to happen.

Imagine the recent artificial fuel scarcity coupled with the decision of government to
redesign the naira at the election time, are strange handwritten on the wall which is capable of scuttling the Presidential ambition of our leader, Asiwaju.

This is a very clear manifestation of an evil intention of certain people from certain quarters to demarket our revered leader. I wish to categorically state the fact that, that evil intention has failed woefully on arrival.

The Change, Transition and Transformation required in Nigeria today across the political
landscape is the capacity, hope and manifestation of realistic dreams that might just about to make room for NEW INITIATIVES.

This is not the time to point accusing fingers or edging out to seek ethnic and tribal unrest; it’s time to rebuild all aspects of our economy, such as education, health, agriculture,
industrialisation, power, mining, transportation and security through re-invigoration of
mind-sets and focus on people versus effective leadership development which I know that a credible presidential candidate in the person of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu can deliver, given the past record of his economic strategy and leadership that made Lagos State to standout among other States in Nigeria.

This was from the period of his administration to date. It’s pertinent to state from my independent analysis of all the Presidential candidates from the perspective of their achievements without sentiment, the track record of former.

Former Governor of Lagos State, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, stood out as the National Leader, who can put a strong team together to take Nigeria out of the current debacles
threatening the economy and the security of the nation given his implementation of the
business growth that transformed Lagos State to a progressive economic state with
evidential reference to record the highest internal revenue (IGR) of N418.99 billion as from 2020.

This of course, contributed to 32.1% of total revenue of Nigeria, followed by River State that produces internal generated revenue of 117.19 billion. The fact and figures could be a reference point and could be relied upon to decide the best candidate, who has the pedigree of revolutionising the economy to compete with the other global economic nations.
This was postulated by Asiwaju himself, the Presidential candidate of APC at one of his rallies in recent time.

Our nation needs a leader, who can produce a good team of people that will turn Nigeria
into a progressive nation more than what we have seen in Lagos. Asiwaju can replicate this attributes of leadership given the evidence of how he has empowered other good politicians
and technocrats like the current Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo and the host of
others to become what they are today. Ethnicity was never a barrier to his team during his administration as a Governor of Lagos State, where he appointed people like Hon. Joe Igbokwe, an lgbo man as Head of Lagos State Infrastructure Maintenance. He also appointed another lgbo man, Hon Ben Akabueze, who is a Pastor in Charge of Kings Court Parish of Redeemed Christian Church of God, as Commissioner for Economic Planning and Budget of Lagos State. Asiwaju appointed his Commissioners based on merit, integrity and competence and it was on this notion that his cabinet was adjudged as the most successful cabinets in Nigeria so far till today as many of them are still in the top realm of political administration at various levels.

For Senator Ahmed Adekunle Tinubu to have given the right people an opportunity at the
young stage of their political career to become, who they are today (at the apex level of political administration), it can be clearly ascertained that the emergence of BAT as the next President of Nigeria if at all, will no doubt, give an opportunity to the young people to
develop themselves to the highest level of endeavour.

If we are to ask, is Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu an enemy of people from other regions outside Southwest?

No!!! This shows from the evidence of his administration mentioned above as well as his strategic planning that we have heard from his policy brief at Chatham House in London and
many of his campaign rallies, that he will set up a cabinet of people with skills regardless of their ethnicity and religion with clear target to resolve Nigeria’s current economic insignificance and implement a balanced score card that will negotiate the unification of regional – divide mission and as such, to assure members of IPOB and Northern brothers and Sisters of a sense of
belonging to a nation of one united Nigeria. Engineer Joe Mbakwe, a young leading Chevron Scholar at the London University of Brunel and formidable supporter of BAT/Shetima 2023 Presidency, shared the same view with me about the profile of Asiwaju being a better candidate among the others, who can unify all the regions together as one national entity of Nigeria with good negotiation.

It might interest you to know that young students in the higher institutions rejoice as
Asiwaju promised to support their school fees by making loans and finances available.

Asiwaju will also manifest human capital and financial inclusion for young people and
people of working age through economic empowerment and creation of employment

Asiwaju’s administration cannot be in the image of the current administrative climate of Aso Rock as he is a strategic thinker, and he is indeed a man, who knows how to assemble the resources of knowledgeable and skilful people together in his cabinet to deliver positive outcomes for the nation.

It is therefore wrong and unfair to blame Asiwaju for the misadventure or failure of the current administration in fulfilling the APC’s election promises to the people. He was never invited to be part of this government’s cabinet and neither was he given any specific role in running the affairs of the country. His purposeful vision and wealth of experience were left untapped by this administration. The development, which l considered unhealthy and a result of envy and jealousy.
Indeed, Asiwaju can be compared to the biblical time of the sons of Issachar, men who understood the times, with knowledge of what Israel should do. Behold, he is a man born for
such a time like this to transform our country to a progressive nation through his ‘’hope renewed shared vision 2023’’.

This piece was contributed by
Dr Sam Jenfa, the
National Coordinator/ SOWENON – BOND GROUP FOR BAT/ KSM 2023 Project, Diaspora Branch.

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