Word on the marble by Liman Usman

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When I carefully thought about it, fears, shame, anger and regrets are very helpful emotions when expressed at the appropriate time.
This is what I mean.
A very harden criminal who went about robbing, kidnapping and killing was arrested.
When being interrogated, I could hear him fear, being ashamed. He was angry about himself. He regretted his actions.

A young man killed his best friend’s sister after raping her. When asked why he had to kill the girl, he said he was afraid she was going to tell.
He was ashamed, angry that he did what he did. He regretted his actions.

A very religious lady threw away her newly born baby into a dustbin. When she was caught, she said it was all out of fear and shame. She was angry and she regretted her actions.

Imagine that the fears, shame, anger and regrets were expressed before the actions were done! Certainly, they could have helped to prevent those offenders from their crimes.

There is nothing that God put in us that don’t have their good use. It all depends on when and how we use them.
So, it’s good to keep your fears, shame, anger, regrets and every other emotions that appear bad. Only use them when they matter most.

May your day be filled with joy.

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