Word on the marble by Liman Usman

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Yesterday, I did a simple experiment with naira notes. I picked a thousand naira note and spread it over a hundred naira note. I observed that, the wideness and the texture are the same.

I went out and bought a thing worth two hundred naira. In paying, I gave out a hundred naira note. The seller told me my money was not complete. I gave out a thousand naira note, the seller collected it and gave back more naira notes as my change.

I did a second experiment by taking a very new naira note and a very old thousand naira notes.
Again I bought something worth one thousand naira. I brought out the very new naira note to pay, but the seller did not hesitate in telling me I was wrong. When I gave the thousand naira note, There was no rejection.
That was when I realized, that the rating is not in the size or appearance but in the value.

Are you a beautiful babe or a handsome guy. Are you young or old, that is not what gives the rating of your person in the society. Your value depends on what you are capable of.
When your matter is presented at the table of discuss, is it taken with the approval of yes, yes, yes. Or is it in the dismissal of no, no, no.
Re-assess yourself today and know if you need to increase your value.

It’s a great morning, Remain happy all day.

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