Water, Sanitation Issues, challenging for Benue—Commissioner

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By Ijeoma Obioma.

Odoh Ugwu, the Commissioner for Water Resources, Environment, and Climate Change in Benue State, has highlighted the persistent challenges faced by residents due to inadequate water and sanitation facilities.

Speaking at the inauguration of the Benue State Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Sector Reform Steering Committee in Makurdi, Ugwu underscored the critical need for improved services. He emphasized that Governor Hyacinth Alia’s administration is committed to addressing these issues through comprehensive sector reforms aimed at creating an environment conducive to sustainable investment in water and sanitation infrastructure.

Ugwu expressed concern over the dire state of water and sanitation services in both urban and rural areas, attributing it to years of neglect by previous administrations. He lamented the consequences of this neglect, which force citizens to resort to costly and unsafe alternatives, perpetuating poverty and contributing to health issues.

The commissioner reiterated the state government’s dedication to enhancing public health and driving development through initiatives designed to meet Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). He emphasized that the WASH sector reforms are pivotal in attracting vital investments essential for ensuring reliable and sustainable water and sanitation services across Benue State.

The newly formed steering committee, chaired by Ugwu, includes key stakeholders such as the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Water Resources, Environment and Climate Change, heads of relevant WASH institutions, the Director-General of Benue International Corporations, and a representative from the civil society organization NEWSAN.

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