Centre Cautions Nigerians Against Disruptive Actions ,Protests.

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By Daniel Peters With Agency Reports.

The Centre for Crisis Communication (CCC), a prominent body in crisis management in Nigeria, has conducted a thorough evaluation of the country’s security services based on media coverage in June 2024.

The CCC, a non-governmental organization dedicated to promoting peace, expressed concern over escalating tensions among certain groups and parties, which could exacerbate internal security challenges.

Major General Chris Olukolade (Rtd), Chairman of the Centre’s board, addressed these concerns during a press briefing in Abuja.

Olukolade highlighted potential flashpoints such as the ongoing minimum wage dispute, political rivalries in states like Rivers and Kano, and similar issues elsewhere, all of which could escalate into serious conflicts.

In response to growing calls for protests akin to those seen in Kenya due to economic hardships, Olukolade emphasized the Centre’s opposition to such disruptive actions.

“We strongly caution against and do not endorse suggestions advocating for protests similar to the anti-tax demonstrations in Kenya as a means to resolve crises in Nigeria. Such actions are inconsistent with our aspirations for a peaceful and progressive nation.”

He stressed the importance of consensus-building, dialogue, and responsible consultations as more effective ways to manage Nigeria’s challenges.

Yushau A. Shuaib, a Consultant to the Centre and Editor-in-Chief of PRNigeria, commended media outlets for their fair and objective reporting in his summary of the monthly Media Review on Nigeria’s security services.

He categorized critical institutions into four sectors: the military, security and law enforcement, intelligence and anti-corruption agencies, and emergency responders, each contributing uniquely to crisis management in Nigeria.

According to the media review summary, the military sector scored 61.5%, highlighting successes in counter-terrorism efforts but also challenges such as attacks on troops and civilians.

The security and law enforcement sector achieved a score of 64%, with positive reports on arrests and inter-agency collaboration, but concerns over conflicts and illegal activities were noted.

The intelligence and anti-corruption sector scored 64.5%, praised for dismantling criminal syndicates but facing challenges in compliance and citizen treatment.

Despite challenges, the emergency responders sector scored 62.5%, with successes in disaster management tempered by incidents like fatal accidents.

The Centre urged stakeholders to prioritize peace, avoid divisive rhetoric, and pursue dialogue for conflict resolution, emphasizing the dangers of fake news and hate speech to Nigeria’s unity.

Commending the security sector’s efforts, the CCC pledged ongoing support for their adaptation to future challenges through responsible media coverage.

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