Medic advocates establishment of polical academy in Nigeria

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Photo credit: Premium Times Nigeria
By Dada Ahmed in Lokoja.

A medical doctor, Dr, Victor Olarewaju Baba,has called for the establishment of polical academy to train future leaders for good governance.

Dr. Baba, who is working with the Kogi State Rehabilitation Centre Lokoja, made the call in an interview with the Correspondent of The Reporters on Friday in Lokoja.

The medic, who said he has been observing Nigerian political terrain, with keen interest, noted that the country needed more work to do interms of getting the right kind of governance.

He said: I have never seen any situation where any body aspiring to occupy any political position also aspires to fail.

“That means that everybody comes with good intention to vying for position but eventually saying that they know the kind of change Nigeria really needs.But eventually when they get there,they cannot come out with the right or expected result.

The medical practitioner identified factors responsible for the inability of those in political leadership of the country not to meet people’s expectation to include;political interest, the intensions and activities of godfathers and the money bags.

He argued that the influence of these classes of Nigerians could be so overwhelming to derail the good intention that those in political leadership have for the people, in terms of governance.

Dr.Baba further noted that those who have the understanding of the polical terrain of Nigeria and attained reputable standard in such terrain were not really doing the right to prepare future leaders for the right leadership that would meet the interest of the generality of Nigerians.

He said that in Nigeria, people tend to see a leader as somebody who just emerged from no where, adding that “this system has not given Nigeria’s political system the desired good result.

“Those who have good intention and have all it takes should begin to consider grooming people,over time,not to select people

“They should be testing these young leaders through offices and other political processes with the intention of producing them as future leaders to change the narrative.

On 2023 general elections, the medical practitioner called on the electorate to shun voting for leaders that are power despirate.”

“Any leader that is power despirate cannot do well, no matter the intention he is coming with.

“If you are despirate to hold power,then you will continue to put the interest of that power above the interest of the masses.

“Therefore, somebody too despirate is not the leader Nigerians want in 2023,”he stressed.

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