Word on marble by Liman Usman

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A wealthy business executive was returning from a meeting and saw a Youngman that live along his street trekking by. He stopped and picked him. As he drove further, He met another young lady and again picked her.

To the Youngman at the front seat, he asked: “What do you do for a living Youngman?” “Nothing sir.” “And what are you out for?” “Nothing sir. Am just strolling”
Turning to the lady at the back seat: ”What about you lady, what do you do for a living?” “Am also doing nothing sir.” “Where are you coming from?” Am returning from a friend’s house.”

“If you give me what you have, I will give you what you don’t have” He said to the lady. The young lady looked at the man who is elderly and replied:
“Sir I’m a Christian. I don’t do that.”
To the Youngman he asked: “What about you? “Sir, everything I have, you have more than enough. There is nothing I can give you.”
“Lady, what did you say you don’t do?” “Sir, I know what you mean but am not for that.” “Well am very sure both of you have what I don’t have and that is your time.”

Often time, we misunderstand genuine intention and lose opportunity that come our way.
It’s good to wisely answer questions put to us without jumping to conclusion. Someone that has money may not have time. If someone that has time but doesn’t have money will trade on the time, that is yet money.

May you have the full benefit of your day.

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