Executive order 10: Another Buhari Game-changer–BMO

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The Executive Order 10, signed by President Muhammadu Buhari, is a masterstroke that would engender better governance, especially at the State levels, guaranteeing true independence of State Judiciaries and Legislatures.

The Buhari Media Organisation (BMO) described the Executive Order 10 as the “long needed game-changer that would bring to effect the desire for truly independent and accountable judiciary and legislatures at the State level.”

In a statement signed by Niyi Akinisiju and Cassidy Madueke, the group’s Chairman and Secretary respectively, BMO said that with this order Nigerians would see a renewed improvement in the delivery of good governance at the State level.

BMO said:“The States play a critical role in the delivery of governance to the Nigerian people. They are closer to the people and expectedly should have a better understanding of their problems and needs.

” This is why it is critical that the institutions closest to the people receive the best support for them to carry out their duties – and independence to ensure that the delivery of their duties is not tainted by selfish interests.

“Through the Implementation of Financial Autonomy of State Legislatures and State Judiciary Order 2020, President Buhari has put in place the legal instrument that enforces that funds belonging to State Legislatures and Judiciaries get to them.

“We can now rest assured that the State Judiciaries would not be afraid of any threats to their fundings by State Executives who may want them to pander to their biddings. This applies as well to the State Legislatures.

“The outcome we can expect from this is strong institutions delivering good governance and justice at the middle tier of government without fear or favour.”

The group highlighted that the executive order would ensure that the needed funds for these institutions would be available and accessible for their democratic business and not end up being treated as personal monies of State executives or as second-line items.

“The Executive Order 10 ensures that the payment of monies due to State Legislatures and Judiciaries are matters of priority – they are first-line items and must be immediately paid to the legislatures and judiciaries. They would be the first choice for payments.

” A state that fails to release these funds would have the funds deducted from source by Federal Accounts Allocations Committee, from the money to be allocated to the State.

“The Executive Order also ensures that there is targeted and strategic budgeting for State Judiciaries and State Legislatures.

“A significant item in the Executive Order is the Special Extraordinary Capital Allocations for the judiciary which is an allocation dedicated to the undertaking of capital development projects by the Stare Judiciaries.

” With this fund, more complexes for State Judiciaries would be built and those that are dilapidated would be renovated.

“Nigeria’s judiciary has for many years suffered an infrastructure problem, especially at the State level – that is about to become history, thanks to Executive Order 10 signed by President Muhammadu Buhari”, the NGO added.

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