Other side of COVID-19 in Kogi

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The anger, sorrow and in some extreme cases, death brought to bear on many homes globally including Nigeria by the coronavirus notwithstanding, the pandermic virus has also opened business opportunity for some young unemployed Nigerians in lokoja, kogi state.

A correspondent of Duaglobalnews, who conducted investigation on the issue reports that the current health protocols which make wearing of face mask in the country compulsory has prompted some youths to engage in the sewing and sale of face masks.

Our correspondent in lokoja reports on Friday, reports that some youths were seen kawking face masks to eke a living.

Mr Mathew Alabi, an NCE holder who said that he had been jobless for the past five years, said he ventured into the sale of face masks to make living and get out of endless wait for elusive white-collar job.

“Coronavirus may have brought sorrow to us a nation, by way of knocking down our economy, but it also provides opportunity for business in the form of face masks.

” For me, it is a team work. I buy some pieces of cloth, give them to a tailor to sew into face masks. I then collect the face masks and distribute them to other youths interested in selling face masks.

“At the end of every week, we converge to take stock of sales and share the profit accordingly while ploughing back to the business to buy more clothes to boost our business.

“We may not make jumbo profit as it were from the business, but it is keeping us busy; contributing our qota to reducing the spread of Coronavirus and to have some money in the pocket,”he said.

Duaglobalnews reports that though kogi has not recorded any case of Coronavirus for the five past months that the deadly disease broke out in Wuhan,China, the wearing of facemask is gaining increased acceptability by the residents, especially in lokoja, state capital.

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