More thoughts on COVID-19 by anonymous author, happy reading

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The Federal Government of Nigeria has eased the lock down which the country has been into for almost four weeks. Majority have been so happy that the lockdown is finally eased but forget that the deadly virus is still out there.

It is obvious that many people would have trooped out on May 4th because they can’t wait to get back to their daily works. As a matter of fact, no one can stop them, so definitely everywhere will be crowdy. But there are some things which must be done, if you will go out.

Before going out on 4th of May, see things you should know to avoid coronavirus below;

1. The first thing to do is to have in mind that the virus is out there and it can be contracted from anybody. By having it in mind, it will help you take every precaution. Don’t be among the people saying the virus is not real, because it is real.

2.It is true you have friends and you have missed them because you haven’t seen them in the past weeks, but don’t forget that social distancing is one of the ways of preventing the virus from spreading. Do not hug anybody, no handshake and no familiarity.

3.Always go out with your face mask and gloves. This is another way of protecting yourself from contracting the virus. Irrespective of the hurry you are in, do not forget it at home. It is advisable you take your sanitizer with you.

4.Remember that movement is allowed only from 6am – 8pm, be fast with everything you are going to do, otherwise you might end up in a dialogue with the police. I’m sure you don’t want to be harrased.

5. Stay at home if you feel you can work at home, it is safer for you than going out.

6.Also stay at home if you are a person who can not hold the fear of the virus. By going out, the fear of contracting or being exposed to the virus might take over your mind when you get back home. Do not forget that your mental health is so important.

Stay safe and always remember the descriptives being declared by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Coronavirus is real and it is dangerous. Prevention is better than cure.* May God help us all

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