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Why are you so miserly,callous? You own palatial houses, fleet of cars, a store full of food stuffs, a well-equipped hospital retained to take care of your immediate family and many fat accounts in both local and foreign banks. Your brother,from the same womb, doesn’t have anything close to your pyramid of wealth; he and members of his family are struck with diseases, nothing to eat and he often comes to you for assistance. You pour insults on him and calls him a lazy person. He begs you to empower him but you are not ready. Eventually,he dies leaving the disease- poverty- stricken members of his family to continue to wallow in suffering. We are aware that some people are lazy just as some people who are richly blessed are also misers. Impact on the lives of people before it is time to say bye to this market, called the Earth. When the bell tolls, It will be late. Prodigals and vagabonds may eventually take over the worldly property. Cheerful givers never lack, rather,they receive more with abundant blessings. This scenario and many others are events of our time. Good morning. Prince Emman Omadivi.

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