All you need to know about 5G

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5G simply means 5th generation. Just like 4G, 3G 2G.

Opinions are divided on the concept of 5G tealchnology with some describing it as far from being a blessing or a normal technology to the world but others think otherwise, saying it will boost productivity among other advantages.

Yet, other see 5G a curse on the World. It’s a technology no one can stop from coming to reality because it being prophesied in the book of Revelation, they argued.

The antagonists of 5G made inference such movies as “Marvel”,”Transformer” Bumblebee or any related movie like Resident Evil, or “The 100” season 2,3,4 to Burress their points.

The antagonists said:”What they want to use 5G for is to give AI(Artificial Intelligent) machines the Autonomy to work on their own without the interference of human.

“You know robots can’t work on their own without human controlling it, either with the help of a remote or programmed software. This 5G is not like that, you will be able to relate with those robots(programmed machines) directly like you’re relating with a human.

“5G is to bring decrease to human service in all professions, of the world. Robots will take their place. Instead of human attending to you either in banks, restaurant, supermarkets, hospitals and so on, it will be robots doing all this at a very high speed and faster rate than humans. What they need is a faster and efficient response from those robots. You should know that robots don’t get tired, they don’t eat, no fatigue unlike human.

But the pro-5G believe 5G will create a strong and faster network system to those robots to increase their efficiency than the humans.

“You know that when you’re browsing or using any related gadgets like decoder or DVD, laptop and so on, when you click on a particular link or icon, it has to load (i.e Loading……). So instead of it loading, it won’t load, once you click on it, it appear immediately and display whatever you want to view in nano seconds.

“So what they want is to eradicate the use of mobile phones, sim cards, ATM cards and any other electronic gadgets that use internet and created Humandriod. Everything you need to interact with other people in other place will be within you.

“So you will be the one
doing all this through the chip they will implant in you. That chip will contain all your database like date of birth, Nationality, name, account number and a unique identification number that can be use anywhere around the world without a national ID card.

They further elucidate “You can contact anyone without they use of phone or simcard wherever in they are in the World from your confortable zone. You can speak to your TV set to change its present channel to another channel without the help of your remote or pressing any botton on your TV.

“You can buy anything in any supermarket without your credit card or Debit card. You will be able to get on any means transportation without any ticket. Everything will be at your finger tips and it will look very easy to navigate the world with ease.

“You can’t hide anywhere in the world once the chip is implant in your body system, they will find you.

All the lastest technology already has this scanning device tech. We use it almost everyday. Check your Android phone that has finger print scanner and front camera for face scanning. It’s not only for taking selfie. Once you receive that chip, Your face won’t be needed for recognition, your finger print is useless.
“The chip will be encoded with your database and wherever you go to will have the decoder. What the scanning device will do is to scan where the chip is implanted in your body. Either your arm or forehead.

The pro, are not unmindful other side of 5G as they allude to the fact many people will loose their job everywhere in the world and they will be replaced by robots.

“Almost all social workers like in banks, supermarkets, transportation system, health system and so on won’t be needed anymore.

Everyone that is chipped will interact with those automated robots like human.

But to achieve this, they need a faster and stronger network to achieve this. And that is 5G.

“So this Generation is the 5th generation of computer technology being projected before our very eye now, therefore what is happening now cannot be stop by anyone.

Though it may be stop presently but in few years to come, it will be established. Because all governments of the world will come to an agreement on this new technology which the citizens will have no o power to stop it,” they say.

According to them, this is not the time to blame any government for accepting this technology recalling that ‘it has been prophesied thousands of years ago before those in power presently are born.”

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