COVID-19: China Reports No New Deaths For First Time On Tuesday

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There are indications that China, the country where the pandemic COVID-19 originated December last year, may soon be out of the woods of the pandemic Coronavrus now shaking the world to its foundation.

On Tuesday, AFP reported that China did not record new coronavirus deaths for the first time, quoting the National Health Commission which it said had been publishing reports on the deadly disease since January,2020.

Duaglobalnews reports that the cheering news came at a time when the rampaging virus continue tighten its grip on most nations, including Nigeria, with devastating social, health and economic implications.

AFP further quotes the commission saying that cases in mainland China had been dwindling since March, but noted that the country faced a second wave of infections brought in from overseas, with health officials reporting nearly 1,000 imported cases in total.

According to it, China’s health authorities have 32 new cases nationwide, all of which were imported.

The commission said: “There were also 30 new asymptomatic infections, health officials said, bringing the national total to 1,033. Around a quarter of the current total of asymptomatic cases were also imported from overseas.

“Last week, China began disclosing the number of asymptomatic cases for the first time, after growing public concerns over the potential of “silent” carriers to spread the disease.

“Fears have also been growing over a potential resurgence in the epicentre of Wuhan, where the virus was first detected late last year.

“After a number of asymptomatic cases were confirmed in the central Chinese city, local authorities revoked the “epidemic-free” status of 45 residential compounds on Monday.

“To date, 81,740 people have been infected and 3,331 have been killed by the deadly virus in China, with the vast majority in Wuhan and the surrounding Hubei province.

“Meanwhile, the global death toll from the pandemic has surpassed 70,000 as the virus ravages numerous countries in Europe and the US.

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