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Covid 19 accelerates spread with over 126,000 cases globally


Health experts say COVID-19, apart from being declared pandemic by the World Health Organisation (WHO), is also spreading so quickly to other parts of the world, leaving staggering number of deaths in its trail.
According to them, any tally of infections and deaths rapidly becomes out of date, adding that cases outside of China had increased 13-fold in the last two weeks.

They also disclosed that the global number of infections arising the disease had surpassed 126,000 as it spread to over 80 nations of the world as at March 12.

Duaglobalnews, an online medium gathered that the number includes no fewer than 20 out of the 54 African countries.

In lokoja, capital of confluence Kogi state, residents now exchange pleasantries with caution in order not to come in contact with the disease.

“I have restricted hand shaking to very few friends while doing so with unknown persons is no go area for me, for now.

” The way covid19 is spreading to other parts of the world gives one serious concern,” Mr John Salami told the online medium in lokoja on Sunday.

The disease was discovered in Wuhan in China toward the end of 2019.

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