Journalist reflects on Lassa fever,cautions on consumption of garri 

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By Dada Ahmed

A journalist working with one of the federal government media houses in Abuja, Mr Isaac Aregbesola, has shared thought on Lassa fever and cautioned the public to be wary of the danger consuming of garri, at least for now.

Garri is an age-long and popular staple food for the masses in Nigeria.

Aregbesola’s thought, comes on the hill where by all hands are deck to contain the spread of the dreadful disease which has no cure and has touched18 states of the federation,leaving on its trail some casualties.

Quoting medical experts, he said: “The name of the rat that harbours the virus that causes lassa fever is called multimammate rat( bcos it has many nipples like all these local street dogs after delivery). While the botanical name is mastomys natalensis.”

He expressed concern that there  had been an upsurge of the disease everywhere.

“So we should all practice hand washing and other personal hygiene. Also all apple lovers should wash them with salt and warm water before refrigerating them to eat.

“All garri soakers should let go for now.

“The problem is that, most of our garri sellers in the market buy their garri from bush markets. These garri are often fried half dry and are subsequently dried on polythene sheets on the tarred roads or compounds in the villages.

“These rats dive in at will to feed their hungry bellies and in the process, defecate and urinate on the garri which dry up with it. If used for Eba, the virus may die bcos of the hot water used. But if soaked, the virus is directly ushered in.

“Please no one should joke with this precaution, except you process your cassava yourself.

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