All you need to know about lassa fever by Dr Olufunmilayo

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Lassa fever is in Nigeria.
163 people across 9states.
24 are dead.

2 doctors dead.
1 pregnant woman dead.

If you are in:
Edo, Ondo, Imo, Ebonyi, Kano, Delta, Taraba, Plateu, Bauchi
Pls beware.

It has NO cure. ONLY prevention.

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There seems to be very little said about it in the news. I wonder why.

But make no mistake.
Lassa FEVER is deadly.

It is caused by a virus from the same family as Ebola. This is not a joke.

Stay alert.
Inform other people.

Keep your kitchen and homes clean.
Avoid rats please.

Lassa fever is spread by contact through the urine and feces of infected rats and rodents. It may be house rats or bush rats. Please be careful.

People that eat rats-
Please stay away completely at this time.

24people are dead right now in 9 states. Over 150 are in danger.

This is the time to cultivate healthy habits that discourage rats from thriving in our homes. Use a rat gum/rat poisons if u have to.

Don’t eat any leftover food especially in an environment that rats may be plenty. Those rats may have stooled/urinated in that food.

I beg you.

When u find a dead rat in your house, don’t pick it with bare hands. The blood and bodily fluid of a living/dead rat can infect you.

Use gloves to pick any living or dead rat u find in your house and bury it safely or burn it totally. Don’t dispose rats anyhow anywhere, please.

Keep gutters & drainage clean especially around the house.Don’t let garbage and housewaste always accumulate in your home. Dispose ASAP.

Cover foods in your house properly. Use airtight containers. Lock your cupboards. Cover holes and opening to prevent rats. Keep kitchen clean.

And to my friends from Benue, Niger or any state where houserats are seen as a delicacy, pls STOP EATING RATS.
This is not safe.

If anyone just suddenly falls ill with a fever, body aches, cough, vomiting etc;
kindly go to a hospital.

Don’t assume it is malaria.

By Dr. Olufunmilayo

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