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By Muhammad Mukhtar Idris.

Congratulations are in order to an embodiment of goodness and intellectualism, our very own Muizudeen Abdullahi. Asides his astounding depth of knowledge on jurisprudence, his thoroughness as a legal practitioner par excellence and his uprightness as an Islamic Scholar, and the son of a great Islamic Scholar in EgbiraLand, late Honourable Justice Younus Abdullahi, the first Grand Kadi of Kogi State, is second to none.

Honourable Commissioner for Justice and Attorney General of Kogi State, Barr. Muizudeen Abdullah, one of the newest appointees by His Excellency, the Executive Governor of Kogi State, Alhaji Ahmed Usman Ododo, has been adjudged as one of the best appointments made by the Governor. This is highly inspiring and the general public attests to the fact that His Excellency, the Executive Governor, has put a round peg in a round hole. Wonderful!

Even to his numerous friends and admirers, Barr. Muizudeen Abdullah, SAN, differs and has accrued maximum respect.

I owe the legal icon SAN a debt of gratitude. Since his emergence as a Senior Advocate of Nigeria over a year ago, he has been using every opportunity available to him to honour and render assistance to everyone that happens to know him. I pray that may this richly deserved appointment be a preamble to greater honours in the womb of time for him.

In a world that is dominated by gung-ho tactics and cut-throat competition, Barr Muizudeen’s lifestyle makes a huge difference. It is laudable that the easy-going, God-fearing and cool-headed, cerebral legal Jurist expert is also shot up to encourage the younger generations that they can be humble and gentle, and still remain highly competitive by dint of faithfulness and hard work, and that no one should ever need to be a Husspuppi to live happily.

Muizudeen, an individual that I immensely appreciate for all his graciousness, I remember from most of his words to people; “be hopeful and continue the good prayer you are doing, and Allah will see us through”. I have nothing other than my prayers, which he always deems important, even as I believe that this is just the beginning of his ascending heights.

May his steady steps to greater heights continue to translate to giant strides and may the Almighty Allah grant him a resoundingly successful office as Honourable Commissioner for Justice and Attorney General of Kogi State.

May Allah Ta’alah continue to preserve and perfect his life and everything that concerns him.

Muhammad Mukhtar Idris
Kogi State Internal Revenue Service, Lokoja.

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