Sit Less, Live Longer: Professor Warns Against Sedentary Lifestyle.

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By correspondent in Ilorin.

Professor Ibrahim Abubakar, an expert in Exercise Science and Sports Psychology at Kwara State University (KWASU), recently delivered a crucial message on the perils of a sedentary lifestyle during the institution’s 15th Inaugural Lecture in Malete.

His lecture, titled “Man’s Limitation of Himself Against the Potentials and Gifts from His Creator: A Psychological Perspective,” underscored the profound health benefits of regular physical activity.

Prof. Abubakar highlighted that regular exercise serves as a therapeutic remedy for various mental health disorders and plays a crucial role in preventing cognitive decline and neurodegenerative diseases.

He emphasized that physical activity also lowers the risks associated with chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, colon cancer, joint swelling, and arthritis, which significantly contribute to disability and mortality rates.

Pointing to Nigeria’s average life expectancy of 45 to 55 years, which he attributed in part to stress and sedentary lifestyles, Prof. Abubakar urged Nigerians to adopt more active lifestyles to enhance both their health and longevity.

He stressed the importance of engaging in at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity daily, particularly advocating its benefits for overall health, weight management, and the treatment and rehabilitation of conditions like obesity and high blood pressure.

The professor noted that modern conveniences such as advanced transportation, remote controls, and escalators have diminished daily physical exertion, leading to an increase in sedentary behavior and associated health issues.

To counteract this trend, he suggested that organizational leaders integrate short breaks for stretching or light walking into prolonged meetings and encouraged tertiary institutions to promote sports and physical activities among students, highlighting their manifold health advantages as alternatives to medication.

Prof. Abubakar’s message resonates clearly: prioritizing physical activity and reducing sedentary habits are fundamental steps toward achieving longer, healthier lives for Nigerians.

His lecture serves as a compelling call to action, advocating for widespread adoption of active lifestyles to combat the adverse effects of sedentary behavior on public health.
Edited by Dada Ahmed.

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