Vigilante Officer rescues Erosion Victim in Edo, community praises..

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By Goodluck Ikiebe.

The rescued baby.

Hope could have been lost for an eight years old boy, Adagbore Dominion Umosor, who was swept off by flood on Sunday in Fugar, Etsako Central Local Government Area of Edo State.

But the tragic situation was averted by a brave and gallant Vigilante personnel, Mr Peter Omokpo, who rescued the boy while being carried away by the flood.

An eyewitness account by Dr Phillip Aigbaiza stated that the ugly incident happened in the evening of Sunday, June 30th, 2024.

“Our tranquil Community of Fugar, was jolted by a harrowing incident of erosion and water run-off, caused by severe rainstorm which led to an alarming surge of water through the drainage channels, transforming the normally safe pathways into perilous parts.

“The unfortunate consequence of this natural disaster was the near-tragic event involving the eight years old boy, Adagbore Dominion Umosor,from Ivhikhile village, Fugar”.

“As the rain intensified and water poured down from the sky, the drainage channels designed to manage regular water flow were overwhelmed with the volume of water

“The water rapidly escalated and the young Dominion, unknowingly while navigating the Iviarua axis, was caught off guard by the powerful water current”.

“In a terrifying instant, the young boy was swept away by the rushing waters, carried him through the gutters from the Ivhiarua axis to the Ivhinone axis”, traders in the daily market at Iviadokho Quarters noted.

‘The situation seems helpless as the flood carried the boy amid chaos and fear.

“But Mr Peter Omokpo stood out with a swift and courageous response, without a moment’s hesitation, launched into action, demonstrating exceptional bravery and an unwavering commitment to ensure the safety of the young Dominion and by extension, Fugar Community.

Mr Omokpo navigated through the dangerous and fast-moving flood despite the inherent risks to his own life, with focus on the singular goal of saving the young Dominion.

He said:”His knowledge of the terrain, coupled with his quick thinking guts, enabled him to reach the boy, who was being carried away by the strong water current up to the Water Board /Uta Agbabor/the Ogwa road.

“After a strenuous and heart-stopping endeavour, Peter Omokpo successfully retrieved the young lad, Dominion from the clutches of a gruesome death.

“The boy, though distressed, injured, and devastated, is rescued alive.

“Following the rescue, Master Dominion was immediately rushed to the AbdulSalami General Hospital where he is currently receiving medical attention.

“The hospital staff indicated that though Dominion had sustained some injuries, his condition is, however, stable, and he is expected to make a full recovery in a matter of days”.

Aigbaiza disclosed that prominent Fugarians, including, the Chairman of Etsako Central LG, Hon. Solomon Obomighie, President General of Fugar Progressive Union, Chief Richard Anetekhai and a Royal Father, Chief Tony Idegu, had paid a sympathy visit to Dominion Umosor.

He continued “As the community reflects on the sad event of yesterday’s evening, there is a renewed commitment to address the underlying issues of erosion and water management in Fugar, while serious efforts be made to improve the infrastructure to prevent such incidents in the future.”
Edited by Dawud Ahmed.


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