Surviving Harsh Economic Realities in Nigeria: Embracing a Health-Centered Approach to Anxiety.

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By Dada Ahmed.

Many Nigerians have voiced their frustration with the constant barrage of news from both social and traditional media regarding the country’s ongoing economic challenges.

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They emphasize the urgent need to mitigate the severe impact of skyrocketing living costs following the removal of fuel subsidies. These include escalating transportation expenses, exorbitant food prices, and strained social services, collectively affecting their economic well-being.

Amidst these economic struggles and the quest for solutions, health experts offer a beacon of hope. They encourage individuals to engage in self-assessment by reflecting on their emotions and behaviors, especially in light of the current economic realities in the country. They stress the importance of asking honest questions such as: “Are you frequently feeling nervous, restless, or on edge? Do you struggle to manage worry? Are you experiencing physical symptoms like increased heart rate, sweating, or trembling?”

Furthermore, experts recommend utilizing anxiety screening tools available online, such as self-assessment quizzes or scales like the GAD-7 or PHQ-9. While these tools are not diagnostic, they can indicate whether individuals experiencing symptoms may benefit from professional evaluation.

In terms of professional evaluation, health experts advise those experiencing anxiety to seek help from mental health professionals such as psychologists or psychiatrists for a thorough assessment and potential diagnosis of anxiety disorders or related conditions.

Recognizing that the current economic hardships are not a reflection of moral standing, experts encourage individuals to openly discuss their concerns with trusted friends, family members, or healthcare providers. This dialogue can help identify symptoms and facilitate finding effective solutions.

Moreover, health experts stress the importance of actively monitoring symptoms over time. By tracking when symptoms occur, their intensity, and potential triggers or patterns, individuals can provide valuable information when discussing their concerns with healthcare providers.

It is crucial to understand that experiencing occasional anxiety is normal; however, if anxiety becomes persistent, interferes with daily life, or causes significant distress, seeking professional help is essential.

As the saying goes, “no condition is permanent.” This phase of economic difficulty too shall pass. Political analysts emphasize the necessity for increased governmental political will to find enduring solutions, ensuring a meaningful life for all citizens.

Ultimately, addressing the social and economic challenges facing Nigerians is key to alleviating anxiety and promoting a healthy life.
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Dada Ahmed publishes The Reporters.

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