Unemployed graduates advocate for ranching system in Nigeria .

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By Ijeoma Obioma.

The Association of Unemployed Graduates of Nigeria (AUGN) has announced its support for the proposed anti-open grazing and ranching law currently being discussed in the Nigerian Senate.

Our correspondent reports that this legislation aims to mitigate the ongoing clashes between farmers and herders.

In a statement from the President of the association,Abur Clement and Secretary Samson Adanu, the association emphasised that the law would provide unemployed graduates with opportunities in agriculture, contributing to food sufficiency.

“AUGN supports the anti-open grazing and ranching system as the solution to insecurity and food shortages,” the statement read.

They added, “Clashes between herders and unemployed farmers are a persistent issue that requires a legislative solution.”

The association highlighted the impact of unemployed graduates abandoning farming, resulting in increased food prices and food insecurity.

They endorsed Senator Titus Zam’s bill to ban open grazing of cattle nationwide, urging support from all Nigerians.

The AUGN also called on President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s administration to educate herders on the benefits of anti-open grazing and ranching, proposing a comprehensive approach to achieve lasting peace and unity in Nigeria.
Edited by Dawud Ahmed.

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