Nigeria Reacts To Israel, Iran Confrontation; Appeals For Restraint.

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By correspondent.

The Nigerian government has called for restraint amid the escalating war between Iran and Israel in a reaction to the confrontation between the two countries.

It also revealed that efforts will be made to ease tension and prevent a wider conflict.

It would be recalled that, on Saturday, Iran officially commenced an attack against Israel, using several drones and missiles.

According to reports, the attack is in response to an April 1 incident, allegedly orchestrated by Israel, targeting the Iranian embassy in Syria, resulting in the deaths of seven Iranian soldiers.

However, in response, the Israeli war cabinet authorized a retaliatory attack by its military against aggressive actions by Iran.

The approval was granted after an emergency meeting of the cabinet following the attack by Iran on Israel

In a statement issued by Mrs. Francisca Omayuli, Spokesperson for the Nigerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the government urged both nations to consider the global commitment to peace and security.

The statement reads:

“The Federal Government of Nigeria joins other members of the international community in urging Iran and Israel to exercise restraint.

“Diplomatic efforts are underway to ease tensions and prevent a wider conflict in the Middle East. It is imperative for both countries to prioritize peaceful conflict resolution for the betterment of global peace and security.”
Edited by Dawud Ahmed.

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