Alleged Mass resignation of medical doctors, imminent collapse of health institutions in Nasarawa worry PDP.

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By David Okpashi in Lafia.

Nasarawa state Chapter of the opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP ) has raised an alarm over imminent collapse of health institutions in Nasarawa state, following the ongoing mass resignation of doctors and other health officials as reported by the association of resident doctors.

The party, in a statement signed by the state Chairman, Francis Orogu, on Tuesday in Lafia while reacting to the issues of the health sector of the state said. “Our attention has been drawn to the Exodus of doctors out of the state government-owned health facilities across the state due to lack of facilities, poor welfare and incentives due to the health officers.”

“People’s Democratic party PDP in Nasarawa state is dismayed with the worrisome news of mass resignation of doctors out of the state government owned health facilities.

“We are not only worried over Exodus of doctors out of the state health facilities, following government’s inability to meet the welfare needs of the doctors but also concerned with the effect of the doctors’ resignation on our citizens”, the party Chairman stated.

According to Orogu,the need for the welfare of the citizens to have medical officers to man the various health institutions should not be sacrificed on account of lack of funds to motivate the health officials in Nasarawa state adding that urgent measures must be taken to urgently salvage the situation.

“We cannot fold our arms and watch our health facilities go into a dysfunctional state when the option to keep them running maximally exists.
“There is enough evidence that health facilities might suffer neglect and abandonment to the detriment of our citizens who would be exposed to looming medical challenges as the rains and family season is about to set in.

The opposition People’s Democratic party PDP Chairman, who also expressed concern over the mass resignation of medical doctors and other health managers in the state, noted that as a party interested in the wellbeing of the people, exodus of doctors out of the state based health institutions,on the reasons adduced is totally unacceptable.

“We have observed with dismay that in the past three months, more than 59 medical doctors are reported to have resigned from the services of the Nasarawa state government.
” We would have ignored the report but when we saw that it came from the president, Nasarawa State Association of Resident Doctors, Dr. Yakubu Adeleke,our fear multiplied in unimaginable terms.

“How can a state government allow its doctors to to abandon our medical centres on account of poor welfare and lack of facilities? “Something urgent must be done to address the unwholesome situation, to prevent our people from being exposed dire stress,in view of worsening economic situation compounded by the taciturn nature of government service delivery in the state.

“If 20 out of the over 59 doctors resigned due to lack of adequate renumeration, non promotion, stagnation for 8 years, one wonders why this is allowed to linger for this long without anticipating the negative implications on our people”, Orogu stated.

The government must show willingness and interest in the health needs of our people or be seen to have failed in one of its major responsibilities to the people. ”

“Measures must be taken to rescue our health institutions from total collapse in Nasarawa state. We must be seen to have the interest of our people as our priority, Orogu said

Reacting to the allegations, the Commissioner of Health, Dr.Gaza Gwamna, said that only nine doctors from the state-owned Specialist hospital resigned their services from the state government.

According to him, the nine doctors who left had been replaced,saying that three of the doctors had joined the federal medical centre, Keffi while six opted for residency at university of Jos Teaching Hospital.
He, however , described the situation as a setback for state- owned facilities.

Dr. Gwamna explained further that the doctors were in search of greater pastures,not because they were stripped of their entitlements as alleged.

” In comparison to the state-owned health facilities, the condition of service at the federal level is superior.

“We are making strides in improving our healthcare services and by the time we leave in 2027, public hospitals in Nasarawa will be significantly enhanced”, the Commissioner promised.
Edited by Dawud Ahmed.

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