Photo speaks: Soaring cost of living unlimited.

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Garri, hitherto regarded as the common man’s food in Nigeria,has joined other food stuffs in having its price hit the roof of every house hold in the country.

From N600 per yellow measure of the commodity,few years ago, the same quantity and quality of garri go for N2,200 at the old market and international market in Lokoja, Kogi State, north central Nigeria,as consumers groan.
Like a consumer, Michael Alabi,said:” It is only Almighty God that is surviving us now.
“The high cost of living in Nigeria, particularly in Lokoja, is better imagined than said.
“Federal and state governments must do the needful,timely too, to arrest the scaring development.
“It is terribly tough for the masses to eat in this country now, to say the least.
Edited by Dawud Ahmed.

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