Ministerial appointment Imbroglio: Group Writes Tinubu River APC on Wike..

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By Goodluck Ikiebe in Abuja.

A political pressure group, Association of APC’s Ex-Councillors and Political Appointees In Nigeria, has called on President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, APC National Leaders and particularly the Rivers State APC to set aside negative sentiments about the appointment of former Governor, Nyesome Wike as a MINISTER from River Rivers State in the planned cabinet.

Addressing newsmen in Abuja, the National Coordinator, Hon. Yusuf Dabo, said the former Governor should also be made to lead the party in Rivers State.

He said: “Fellow Nigerians, our reasons for these are not far fetched.

“Primarily and in view of the various tight partisan calculations which heralded our just concluded Presidential elections, you will agree with me that this call is in line with popular Political demand for a smooth, stable, productive and loyal APC party men and women of Rivers State and therefore in Nigeria.

“Today and from experience, Your Excellencies will agree with me that the relevance of Political participation before Political compensation is of the essence.

“This is so because to achieve stable and all inclusive Political Governance, devoid of crises and intra-party uprisings in this dispensation, APC as a party must jettison the era of Monkey dey work and baboons dey chop.

“For sure, without winning Political power first of all, there are no Political appointments to share. That APC, both at the federal and states, can talk of federal Appointments today is because genuine leaders staked all they had, Politically and otherwise, to work for the success, victory of APC and Tinubu in the just concluded Presidential election.

“In Rivers State for instance, the for most leader, proponent and supporter of that struggle was no other person than Nyesome Wike”.

“Apparently as it stands, Mr Wike does not need comparative analogies with any politician(s) of Rivers State stock to be considered for a Ministerial Appointment.

“His participation and championing of the cause of APC’s success in the Presidential Election speaks volumes in that regards. He labored, galvanized, reached out to every nooks and crannies of Nigeria for APC, genuinely and purposefully, despite palpable adversaries”.

“The results are obvious for all to see. First, not just that APC won in Rivers state, but his influence on the PDP G5 Governors and their states gave APC the needed early edge and eventual success in that Election.

“Frankly, Rivers State APC is not only Politically stronger for it but can proudly be counted among the APC elite states today due to Wike’s efforts.”

The National Coordinator added that in spite of his many political decorations and leadership qualities needed to be a Minister, Wike is well skilled educationally as a Lawyer,adding that to every intents and purposes, a quintessential Nigeria Statesman with lots of Political decorations.

“His experiences in Politics and Governance are overwhelming. He is a former Hon. Minister, A former Local Government Executive Chairman, a former Chief of Staff to the government of Rivers state and immediate Former Executive Governor of Rivers state with uncommon Political transformations and developmental stands to his name and tenure.

“And in all these positions, he has never been found wanting in abuse of office. It is expedient to say therefore, that APC leaders should speak with one voice and endorse Mr Nyesome Wike for the above positions as a result of his sterile qualities and for many more reasons as follows;

“First, if top appointments in Government and Political party leadership are exclusively reserved for devoted Party men , NYESOME WIKE is eminently and expediently qualified to be considered.

“Secondly, if it is for men with guts and wits to bring about Election winning formulas to Political party and deliver dividends of democracy to their Constituents, he has done it before in surplus as Local Government Chairman, Minister and Governor.

“Thirdly, if Appointments are for Nigerians whose devotion to building political bridges and forming alliances along allotted Party duties are prerequisites for engagement consideration, he has done such duties and assignments for APC pro-bono.

“He just anchored and delivered President Bola Ahmed Tinubu winner of Nigeria Presidential Election in Rivers State in flying colours and without much ado despite being in PDP. A fit which even sitting APC governors and APC states could not achieve.

“Thus, if hard work, intelligence and documented evidence of Party affiliations and commitments are sufficient lobbies for Party members to get posts at any Government level, His Excellency NYESOME WIKE is indeed a round peg for a round hole.

“Clearly and in support of the ongoing conversations for the Appointment of NYESOME WIKE as Minister from Rivers State and leader of APC in Rivers State, there are no further doubts that he deserves these appointments’, recognition and compensation from President Bola Tinubu and APC as the ruling party.

“We so move that a Ministerial Appointment for him under this dispensation can not be considered a mis-judgement,” he added.

Our correspondent gathered that the Ministerial list is expected to be sent to the Senate on Wednesday by President Bola Tinubu.

Edited by Dada Ahmed.

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