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.Being a Speech at a World Press Conference By His Excellency Oluwadare Faduri, the leader of Rescue Nigeria Movement on his Presidential Aspiration under Labour Party . Other Protocols Duly ObservedDistinguished Members of the fourth Estate of the realm, it is with a heavy burden in our heart that we address you on this day, being the 13th day of October 2022, on the sad experience His Excellency Oluwadare Faduri Joseph and over 8.3 Millions of His supporters encountered on His presidential Aspiration under the platform of Labour Party . It may interest you to note that His Excellency Oluwadare Fadure Joseph, is one of the first loyal party members to seek the 2023 Presidential nomination from the party. In Fact Labour Party became our baby as we woke up the sleeping Party using his personal resources and that of the members of Rescue Movement. The Famous Rescue Team Slogan been employed by the Party and Nigerian people now as directed by wonderful and brilliant Nigerians headed by Comrade Sani Saeed and Dr Chiedozie Ugwu, with other brilliant Zonal coordinators, Sheikh Rufae Al-Siddique of our North West, Mrs Tessy… Cordinating the South South, Omolara and Alhaji Yakubu manning the North Central and North East respectively including our able South West Coordinator, we appreciate you all. We absolved millions of our committed followers into Labour Party across the country to Kick start a Party that had been moribund for a while and we championing the Compass of the Party as stipulated in the Labour Party guidelines. Ladies and gentleman, Our Principal bought the Presidential Form with the sum of N30 million to enable us participate in the party’s Presidential Primaries, which in the long run never held. This to us is an infringement and breach of Fadure’s fundamental human rights which states that citizens have the right to vote and be voted for. Unfortunately, He was restricted from participating in the presidential primary election after purchasing the form with a Fabricated kangaroo consensus of Mr Peter Obi, As forced by the Party LeadershLeadership on Our Principal, His Excellency Oluwadare Fadure Joseph.We never knew that the Chairman, Chief Julius Abure, in cohorts with some NEC Members of the party had sold the slot to the present candidate, Mr Peter Obi who brought in money to the Party to hijack the Party just 4 days to the Primary Election. The Sales of a Presidential Form that had already closed was reopened for Peter Obi without due professionalism under a kangaroo arrangement. The earlier arrangement was to hold the primaries in Abuja but we were shocked to learn that the convention will now hold in Asaba, just a stone throw from his state. It was on the day of the primary Election at Orchard Hotel in Asaba, that the National Chairman of the party asked His Excellency Oluwadare Faduri Joseph, to step down for Peter Obi. Is on record that His Excellency Faduri Oluwadare Joseph was forced to step down for Peter Obi under duress. With proof that will be released to the Public when time come.As a result of the aforementioned, we consider it necessary and timely to let the public, the Nigeria people to know the kind of personality and people they are dealing with and to equally exercise Our fundamental human right, the right to seek legal redress over gross injustice done to us by the same people who want to take over the affairs of the nation. This is important so that we don’t fall from frying pan to fire. This is coming more than 5 months after the Asaba convention, up till now, Labour Party refuse to reach out to His Excellency Oluwadare Faduri Joseph nor Compensate Him of the Over N500, 000 000 (Five Hundred million naira) He spent on Intent/Nomination forms, Contact/Mobilizations and Reviving the Party Nationally. Not Only that but they succeeded in frustrating every attempt we made for settlement after forcing His Excellency Oluwadare Faduri Joseph under duress to step down for Mr. Obi. On the 31st August, 2022, His Excellency Oluwadare Faduri Joseph, met Peter Obi in Texas where Obi claimed to have lost His phone number and promised to meet with Mr Faduri after an event, Only for Mr Faduri to Learn that the next day, Peter Obi has left Texas. We recall so many prominent Nigerians including his Kinsmen and allies who tried to intervene in the matter, but in his usual style, he waved them aside. At this Juncture, Our Fellow Nigerians, especially millions of our supporters, we can no longer justify our continuous Silence on this after exhausting every available channel to settle this out of court but the Labour Party and their Presidential Candidate seems determined to undermine Our Fundamental right with the Manner in which, they totally isolated Us, refused taking our calls not even Mr. Obi see the need to reply Mr Faduri’s Numerous text messages, therefore we have gone to court to seek redress and for the honorable court to determine their action against us and our principal His Excellency Oluwadare Faduri Joseph is justified. This is important because we make bold to say that after Much pressure and entreaties, the Labour Party promised to refund the money for purchasing the form and pay other necessary entitlements/Compensation, and based on that agreement, we resolved to settle the matter out of Court. Since then, as We speak to you, nothing has been refunded to us. The Labour Party under the Chairmanship of Julius Abure, its Presidential candidate, Mr Peter Obi and his Vice, Mr Datti Ahmed, have been carrying on with their campaigns without giving a damn to Honour the Party agreement with a man who paved way for them to carry the flag to the finish line. In this light it is unfortunate to say these are deceitful and untrustworthy act from a party and individual that wants to be voted into power to manage the affairs of this nation. If they can do it to Oluwadare Faduri Joseph and His team, nothing stops them from doing it to a country like Nigeria, which is presently in dire need of a Sincere, Patriotic, Fair and Trustworthy leader.This is not a political exercise or been used by any one or group to truncate the hope and effort of many Nigerians who feels they have seen an alternative in Labor Party or Mr Peter Obi, this is to fight for what is right and just, this is a fight for millions of Youths of Nigeria that we represents. This is a fight for fairness and a fight for a New Nigeria void of deceit and fake personalities. A man that can not honor and be fair to one Man can not be fair to over 200millions Nigerians. We did all our best to usurp many peaceful options to resolve this matter before now but all proved abortive and deceptive from the Labor Party and Obi Camp. We remain members of the Labour Party as we continue to fight for the rights of Nigerians, fight for our Principal who has been cheated and fight for a space for Nigerian Youths in our political atmosphere. Thank you for coming and Honoring us with your presence. God bless Nigeria!!!Thank you.

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Singed; Rescue Nigeria Movement,For and On behalf of His Excellency Faduri Oluwadare Joseph.+234 803 690 9869

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