Group Plans Peace Campaign to Promote Unity and Development in Nigeria

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By Goodluck Ikiebe.

A Non Governmental Organisation, Nigerian Movement for Peace and Development, says it has concluded plans to launch a Peace Campaign across the States in Nigeria, to Promote Unity and ensure peaceful coexistence.


Mr Moses Momoh.

The Convener, Mr Moses Momoh, who revealed this in an exclusive interview in Abuja, said the group’s main focus was to keep Nigeria as one entity.

“My generation is a bridge between the old and the young, we are in between, we are saying that there must be peace in Nigeria, let us come back to the drawing board, to chart a course for peace” he pleaded,” he said.

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Accordibg to Momoh, Nigeria is a lovely place flowing with milk and honey, and a country blessed by God, adding that what is being experienced now is the inability of its citizens to understand themselves, the culture and dynamics, the dynamics in terms of some living in affluence and others are not.

” For us, we are preachers of peace, we are better off as one nation than we divide, if there is war, God forbids, which country can contain us, where are we going to run to? Momoh asked.

“We intend to kicks-tart the campaign by preaching peace, meeting our founding fathers and heroes, who are our past leaders, thank God, some of them are still alive, and talk to them so that they give us their blessings. We are calling on the youths to join us in the campaign for Peace in Nigeria”

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Reacting to the Compulsory COVID-19 vaccination in some States,
Momoh, said the government should appeal to the conscience of Nigerians, adding that it must be a gradual process.

” You must first of all appeal to their conscience, because a number of African countries don’t believe that COVID-19 exists, so, there must be grassroots campaign to educate the people”

Momoh also emphasised the need for the three tiers of government to religiously talk to the people so that they could accept whatever you give them as prevention against COVID-19 pandemic.

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