Are you one Nigerian trying to join politics, perhaps toward 2023, read this piece written by Prof. Abu Abdullrahm of Usmanu Danfodio University, Sokoto

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1.The Edo/Obaseki saga contains lessons in the “business” of democracy, politics, and elections in Nigeria:

1. You may be as clean as snow, godfathers and stalwarts can make you as black as charcoal. No one can do anything about that.

2. You could be black as charcoal, godfathers and stalwarts can make you as white as snow. And you remain like that until they change their mind.

3. Obaseki’s credentials had never changed. What has changed is APC/Oshiomhole’s support. The parties are mere platforms for the business of politics. They are all the same.

4. Institutions, the intellectuals and the overall civil society are as weak as a dissipated erection (see what Bá Sabouke is teaching me?). There’s not much they can do against the power of party godfathers and stalwarts.

5. Democracy, politics, and elections in Nigeria are all about patronage. In 2016, PDP attacked Obaseki’s credentials, APC patronized Obaseki and defended him. Obaseki became governor and remained Edo Governor for 4 years on the APC platform. In 2020, APC attacked Obaseki’s credentials, the same PDP that attacked Obaseki’s credentials in 2016 are opening their arms to welcome him in 2020.

6. In the business of politics, there is no permanent friend nor permanent enemy: for Obaseki, APC was friend yesterday, enemy today, PDP was enemy yesterday, friend today. Tell the gullible supporters of politicians to be careful and be mindful of their words. The day you see the politician you have been castigating dining on the same table with your paymaster, you will have a lot of explaining to do.

For those of you planning to join politics in Nigeria, read the post again.

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