The health benefits of unripe plantain:A must read

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Unripe plantain is a natural source of resistant starch that helps to reduce blood glucose levels, so it is considered an excellent ingredient for food fortification.

research has it that eating good food can boost you immume system, and help you fight coronavirus.

AFNEWS recommends this healthy food for you to start taking it this season.

Studies have shown that plantains provide essential minerals that help keep your body running efficiently. As a matter of fact, a cup of sliced, cooked plantains has 49 milligrams of magnesium and 716 milligrams of potassium, giving you 15 percent of your recommended daily intake for each of these minerals.

And unripe plantain is very rich in calcium. In addition to bone strengthening, plantain also encourages stronger muscles, nails, and teeth. This is why medical practitioners affirm that eating unripe plantain helps prevent diseases such as osteoporosis which involves the weakening of the bones and causes fractures.

It reduces the number of harmful free radicals.

It boosts sexual performance.
It is very good for the heart.
It strengthens stronger bones.
It can prevent ulcer.
It’s a good food for diabetes.
The fiber content reduces cholesterol level which reduce the
risk of developing any heart disease.
It is extremely low in fat and salt.
The presence of potassium in an unripe plantain prevent
heart attack and hypertension by controlling the heart rate and
blood pressure.
The presence of serotonin, that aids and improves blood
flow and reduces homocystine a condition that causes
coronary artery disease and stroke.
It contains vitamin B6 which helps in the production of red
blood cells.

Vitamin B6 helps to cure inflammation of the nerve.
Due to the low carbohydrate content it can serve as a diet
for the control of weight, type 1 or type 2 diabetes,
hypertension and a few other medical conditions.
It reduces constipation.

Aids in circulatory and digestive system.
It contains vitamin A for good eye sight and vision.
It also contains calcium which helps to prevent disease
such as osteoporosis. While calcium is needed for stronger
bones, muscles, nail s and teeth.

The presence of phytochemical properties such as
leucocyanidin can prevent ulcer.

The presence of vitamin B6 and C makes unripe plantain
good for skin complexion, builds immunity against disease and
free radicals.

Be it roasted or cooked, it increases sperm volume and
thicken fluid.

It enhances sexual performances, reduces sexual
weakness, impotence and increase libido.

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