COVID-19: Tailors make brisk business in kogi

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As Nigeria and the world at large intensity the fight against the spread of Coronavrus, which has registered frightening statistics with some fatalities, some tailors in Lokoja, kogi state have put their ingenuity in play by sewing local face masks to make brisk business.

A correspondent of Duaglobalnews, an online publication in Lokoja, who visited some apartments on Wednesday, where these professionals carry out business reports that some of them were sighted producing the material for sale.

The online reports that though the state is yet to record any official report case of Coronavirus, a dreaded disease that has touched 34 states and the FCT, the enormous publicity mounted by media organisations in the state has aroused the consciousness of the people toward the disease and the need to guard against contracting it.

One of such tailors, Miss Amina Mohammed, told the online media that she ventured into sewing local face masks to make extra money and to also contribute her qota to the success of collective fight against COVID-19 in the country.

“Though kogi has not recorded any officially known case of Coronavirus, the strategic geographical location of the state in the country, being the major gateway between the north and south, makes it imperative for all of in the state to guard against the disease.

” I am producing these face masks on the basis of precautionary measures against this dangerous disease passing the world with devastating effect on humanity, social and economic spheres of the society,”Ahmed, an undergraduate student said.

Mohammed, who did not disclose how much her new venture has attracted interms revenue, simply said “though the gain may not spectacular, I thank almighty Allah that I am making something reasonable from the business.”

Investigation by the online outfit revealed that the comparative high cost of the modern face mask in Lokoja shores up the demand for the local material.

Our check showed that whereas, one modern facemask costs between N200 to N500, the local one costs N200 per one or less.

Some of the users of the local facemask said though the material had not been subjected to test by health experts, they had not recorded any negative effect arising from using it.

Meanwhile, the number of Coronavirus cases in Nigeria, as at the time of this reports, was 2,950 out of which 481 patients were discharged with 98 deaths.

Meanwhile, with lockdown in Ilorin eased,residents have trooped With face mask to pursue various social and economic activities.

Our correspondent who went round the state capital observed that some residents adhered to the guidelines of ease of lockdown while did otherwise.

Although some residents said the facemask was a welcome development, to curb the spread of COVID-19 in the state, others, however complained it inhibit their breathing, especially when used for long period.

The state government had earlier directed residents without something specific and urgent to do outside to stay at home,insists that anyone who wants to go out must use face mask.

Government reminded residents that the ease in lockdown did not mean that the state was out of the wood of the wood of the dreadful disease.

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