Group urges Gov.AbdulRazaq to fulfill electoral promises

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Kwara Patriotic Front (KPF), a non-political group, has called on the Governor of Kwara state, Abdulrahman AbdulRazaq, to focus on provision of jobs for the youth, renewing education, health and social infrastructure across the state.

The group also urged the governor to re-energise the agriculture sector with programmes that will encourage farmers to produce more food for the people instead of”dissipating energy and resources on less productive venture against past administrations.”

The group which gave advice in a statement signed by its Chairman, Mohammed Ayelabowo in Ilorin on Monday said the advice became necessary for the state to progress to the desired level of development.

KPF also advised those it called cronies of the present administratio in the state to eschew their plan to sponsor series of publications aimed at discrediting the Bukola Saraki and Abdulfatai Ahmed’s administration.

According to the group, the state will gain much, if the governor concentrates on fulfilling his electoral promises to the people ” instead of castigating the administration of his predecessors.”

The group noted that such publication, if carried out the governor’s would be devoted to propagating on how the past administrations in “the last 16 years did nothing to improve the state.”

It described the new plan as a” mere diversionary tactic, stressing that government should instead be looking forward and working for the people as well as, initiating projects to boost the social and economic well being of the people.

The group reminded AbdulRazaq that he was elected based on his numerous promises aimed at making the state better and improving on the condition of living of the people.

” However, what we have seen so far are cosmetic shows and appearances aimed at creating photo opportunities. This is undesirable and unacceptable.

“We challenge the present administration in Kwara state to also give account of its tangible projects and programmes aimed at improving the lot of the people and stop shadow chasing.

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