WOMEN ARE PRICELESS: A tribute to women by anonymous author

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She wakes up by 4am, gives you sex,
You sleep back, she will move straight to the kitchen. She would join morning devotion by 5:30am, start preparing kids by 6:00am, serve everybody food by 7am, take the kids to school and move to her office by 7:30am, go for school runs by 2pm.

She would come back to the house by 5-6pm, start washing of clothes and cooking dinner by 6pm. Serve dinner by 7:30pm, start home work for kids by 8-9pm, Shower and meet you the husband in the room by 9:30pm, discuss with you and catch fun so that you will be in the mood for sex.
And you the husband with your big head will sleep like a king, She will get up to check on the children if they are sleeping well, off the light, Start praying for you and the family by 12am -1am..
Sleep a little and wake up again by 4am to start all over again…

And yet we don’t respect the ladies in our lives.. Oga change your ways.
Good women are to be celebrated.

Sometimes I feel nature is unfair to you.
But you are a miracle.

It’s you who bleeds blood every month with severe pains and crams. Even in those pains, you still have to put things together for a normal day. The cooking, washing, etc.

It’s you who carry another human inside you for 9months. The inconvenience, the discomfort, the sacrifice, and carefulness. You sacrifice what makes you happy just to keep another life healthy.

When it’s time to deliver, your life is on the line. It’s a 50/50 chance for you. You may live and you may die. But being the life-giver you are, you will choose the life of a new stranger over yours. Even the process is not favorable to you. Either the pains of childbirth or surgery.

After it all, you still carry yourself up and continue life activities with bandage and pains. But what is miraculous about this all is the smile you put on your face while facing all this.
May God bless every woman out there.
Good women are to be celebrated.

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