Experts Call for Integration of Fisheries into Blue Economy Ministry.

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By correspondent.

Fisheries and maritime experts convened at the 1st Annual Conference of the Alumni Association of Federal College of Fisheries and Marine Technology (FCFMT) in Lagos to advocate for a pivotal change: the inclusion of fisheries under the Ministry of Blue Economy.

Picture:Chief Executive Officer, Zoe Maritime, Mrs Tosan Edodo-emore, A maritime Expert and mentor, Barr. Gloria Kanabe, and Chief Executive Officer of Ocean Deep Maritime Services Ltd., Mrs Rollens Macfoy,Mrs Theodora Nwaeze, HR Manager , Continental Ship Yard during the 1st Annual Conference of the Alumni Association of Federal College of Fisheries and Marine Technology (FCFMT) on Saturday.

The conference, themed “Unlocking the Potential of Blue Economy,” saw prominent figures such as Mrs. Rollens Macfoy, CEO of Ocean Deep Maritime Services Ltd., emphasizing the need to revise existing laws.

Macfoy argued that the current placement of fisheries under the Ministry of Agriculture has hampered sectoral growth.

Her paper titled “Aligning Fisheries and Marine Technology with Nigeria’s Blue Economy Agenda” underscored the potential for grants, flexible loans, and tax incentives to catalyze economic expansion within the fishing industry.

“The fisheries sector, including fishing practices, seabed management, and industrial fishing, holds immense potential to generate employment for Nigeria’s youth and drive economic growth,” Macfoy stated.

Dr. Dayo Mobereola, Director General of NIMASA, reiterated the importance of sustainable utilization of ocean resources under the Blue Economy Ministry.
Represented by Mr. Yusuf Barde, Deputy Director of Marine and Labour Services at NIMASA, Mobereola stressed the ministry’s commitment to enhancing livelihoods while safeguarding marine ecosystems.

Barr. Temisan Omatseye, former DG of NIMASA, echoed these sentiments, expressing confidence in government action to relocate fisheries and related sectors to the Blue Economy Ministry.
Omatseye highlighted the urgency of addressing security challenges faced by fishing vessels, emphasizing their critical role in expanding Nigeria’s fishing industry.

The Deputy Provost of FCFMT, Adewole Aderonke, called for enhanced collaboration with industry stakeholders to align educational and research initiatives with industry needs.
She advocated for transitioning to the Marine and Blue Economy to better access funding and foster networking opportunities.

The President of the Alumni Association of FCFMT, Capt. William Ogunsakin, commended the conference’s high turnout, emphasizing the blue economy’s pivotal role in Nigeria’s economic growth, food security, and environmental sustainability.

He underscored the college’s contributions to Nigeria’s maritime sector and called on alumni to leverage their expertise for industry integration and collaboration.

The conference also featured insights from maritime experts including Capt. Adewale Ishola, Capt. Olopoeniyan, master mariners, Barr. Gloria Kanabe, and Mrs. Tosan Edodo-Emore, alongside enthusiastic participation from students of Fisheries and Oceanography.

The collective sentiment among participants was clear: integrating fisheries into the Blue Economy Ministry is essential for maximizing Nigeria’s marine resources and ensuring sustainable economic development.
With agency report.

Edited by Dawud Ahmed.

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