Association Urges Kogites to Pray for Success of Ododo Administration.

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By Dawud Ahmed in Lokoja.

In Lokoja, Kogi State, North Central Nigeria, the Ebira Avaibe Association’s Coordinator, Hon. Musa Akaba, has urged the people of Kogi, particularly those of Ebira descent, to intensify their prayers for the success of Governor Ahmed Usman Ododo’s administration.

Speaking at the association’s weekly meeting on Sunday, Hon. Akaba, a former member, Kogi State House of Assembly, highlighted the promising start of the current administration, foreseeing benefits for the state’s populace.

He praised the Ododo administration’s initiative to raise local government workers’ salaries to 90% and ensure full pension payments to retirees, noting the positive impact on workers and their families.

Expressing confidence in Governor Ododo’s leadership, Hon. Akaba stressed the importance of collective prayer for the administration’s success.

Previously, local government workers endured receiving only 40% of their salaries, a situation they said severely affected their livelihoods.

The recent prompt payment of salaries to state workers ahead of the Sallah festival was also acknowledged during the meeting.

The gathering emphasized unity among members to achieve their social and economic development goals.

It lauded Governor Ododo as a leader dedicated to improving the lives of ordinary citizens in the state and commended First Lady Mrs. Sefiya Ododo for her compassionate outreach to women.

Special prayers were offered for Governor Ododo, his administration, and for peace and progress across Kogi State.

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