TDF hails 3MTT, Project 774 as creative steps to boost digital economy.

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The Democratic Front (TDF) has hailed the 3 million Technical Talent (3MTT) and Project 774 initiative of the President Bola Tinubu administration, describing them as the strategic plan to achieve the two million digital jobs milestone that the President has set for the administration by 2025.

The projects are bound to pave the way for a new generation of skilled workforce versed in digital technology, Mallam Danjuma Muhammad and Chief Wale Adedayo, Chairman and Secretary of the organisation asserted in a statement issued in Abuja today.

“The programme would make the President’s vision of creating 2 million digital jobs by 2015 to be easily achieved.

Alongside the training of the three million talents is the grand initiative to connect all 774 council areas with the Internet. In the unfolding plans, the programme will help to drive the country’s digital economy agenda successfully.

The TDF enthused that the PresidentTinubu administration has taken a creative step to achieve its campaign promise to create 2 million digital jobs by 2025, adding that the training of 3 million technical talents for the nation’s digital economy is an elixir that will guarantee the vision.

“It is one initiative that has never been seen in the country despite its immense human capital resources. It is bound to further position the country to challenge India as a net exporter of talent in the technological world.

“We also see the commencement of Project 774 which seeks to connect all local government secretariats with Internet connectivity, as a spirited effort by the administration to galvanize the pursuit of advanced education and creativity among young Nigerians across the country for the benefit of the nation’s economy.

“The TDF presumes that this move is a deliberate effort to open the windows of opportunities that will enhance rural dwellers’ inclusivity in efforts to realize Nigeria’s projected one trillion dollar economy in a few years.

“This we acknowledge, was similar to the economic method and policy which currently made India an exporter of 55% of the world’s ICT talents.

“In a world where global demand for ICT skills in professional causes stands at 85%, TDF cannot but commend President Bola Tinubu for embarking on the laborious task of building a fortress of economic future for Nigeria, by harnessing the technical talents of 3 million youths and ensuring uninterrupted internet network connectivity to all 774 local government areas.

“In addition to revealing the extent to which President Tinubu is prepared to go in dealing headlong with our national inadequacies, his action on 3MTT and Project 774 underscores the depth of his acknowledgement of the potentials of Nigerian youths and the need to harness their potentials for economic growth and development. This initiative is worthy of commendation.

“It is appropriate for us to also commend the Minister of Communications, Innovation and Digital Economy Dr Bosun Tijani for driving the twin projects to a successful commencement.

“We therefore call on the minister to remain steadfast and sustain the tempo and focus with which he has managed the project thus far, as his footprint will remain indelible in the history of advancement in Nigeria’s Digital Economy drive.

“We also urge Nigerian youths especially the beneficiaries to see the 3MTT project as a lifetime opportunity and a unique gesture from the government for them to secure a greater future for themselves, in the ever-competitive and dynamic global tech market

“It is our view that the youths should make a success of the 3MTT project by lending their moral and political support to the Tinubu administration so that a smooth funding and management of the project can be guaranteed.”

TDF also called on the media to give adequate support and publicity to the 3MTT and the 774 LG Connectivity projects so that they can achieve their purposes.

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