Islamic cleric raises hope of Nigerians for better tomorrow

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Thompson Yamput

An Islamic Scholar, Ustaz Idris Abdullahi-Almadany has called on Nigerians not to give up on the country because there is hope for its survival.

Abdullahi-Almadany gave the advice on Sunday while delivering a Lecture at the Kogi Council of Ulama’u 1444 Hijrah Celebration and Foundation Laying Ceremony of its Guest Inn, at the Buhari Square, Lokoja.

In his paper titled: “The Prophet’s Migration from Makkah to Madinah: Lessons for the Muslims as we approach 2023 General Elections”, the scholar said “the hard time we are in does not mean God has abandoned Nigeria”.

The scholar said that Nigeria was the only country for Nigerians, therefore we must work together to salvage it at all cost, in spite of our religious, ethnic and political differences.

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He said already, some people refused to participate in the recently concluded voters registration simply because they were dissatisfied with the current state of affairs in the country.

‘In fact, some people have vowed they will not border to vote in the next election because they are aggrieved with the current situation, while some are even leaving the country to seek for greener pastures outside.

“But all these will not solve the problem. We shouldn’t give up on this country just the way the Prophet and his companions did not give up on the People of Makkah.

“We cannot also justify our individual failures with the bandwagon effect. You cannot say because the society is bad I cannot be a good Muslim.

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“There was no society more dangerous and difficult for Islam than early Makkah, yet the Prophet remained as a paragon of virtue and as a beacon of light.

“As Muslims, we cannot abandon the system nor ignore the society but must be strong and committed to champion the cause for positive development in our society, ” he further advised.

According to him, There is no doubt that there is so much poverty in the land and a lot of people are going through hard times.

“We need to be our brothers’ keepers and extend the hands of fellowship to the poor and needy just the way the people of Madinah demonstrated.

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He said as a measure, “let us emigrate from sins to repentance, from polytheism to unification of Allah, from evil deeds to good deeds and from laziness and false hopes to diligence, seriousness and striving in what pleases God.

Abdullahi-Almadany, prayed God to grant Nigeria peace and security and spare our lives to witness the transformation Nigeria would attain in the near future.

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