Florida Woman Arrested For Having Sex With Dog For 8 Years

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By Sodiq Lawal

A woman has been arrested for having sex with dog for 8 years.

THE NATION REPORTERS reports that a woman in Florida was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly having sex with her dog while her ex-boyfriend faces charges for filming it all on camera and storing it on a hard drive, local authorities said.

Christina Calello, 36, ‘willingly engaged in sexual activity with the dog’ several times over the course of nearly eight years, according to an arrest report shared by the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office.

Geoffrey Springer, 39, who once dated Calello, was also arrested after he ‘recorded the sexual activity and placed it on a flash drive.’

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The dog was confiscated from the ex-couple by deputies and taken to a local pet hospital for routine examination.

Calello and Springer were taken into custody and charged with sexual activity involving animals.

Source: The Nation Reporters.

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