AbdulRazaq directs drilling, completion of 14 motorised boreholes in Baruten LGA

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Kwara State Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq has directed the drilling and completion of at least 14, motorised boreholes in various parts of Baruten local government area of the state to further ease water scarcity there, an official has said.

The Commissioner for Water Resources, Hajia Fatimah Arinola Lawal, said during a visit to Baruten over the weekend.

She said that the motorised boreholes were located at Gure, Kosubosu, Geasoro, Okuta, Taberu, Ngurume, Ilesha Baruba, Shiya, and Boriya.

“The boreholes will complement the existing water works the administration has put in place, she said.

Lawal also said the stategovernment would complete the rehabilitation of the Yashikira water works by May 29.

“The administration has so far fixed five major water works across the state, including Asa Dam (Central); Patigi (North); Gwanara (North); Lafiagi (North); and Igbaja (South).

“The directive of the Governor is that, these motorised boreholes should be ready by the end of this month,” Arinola said.

The commissioner noted that the administration in the state had clearly changed the narrative about water situation in the state.

She said the ministry had also been directed to fix the burst pipes and reticulation works in Igbaja town and Lafiagi, adding that the government would embark on more reticulation in the year as captured in the 2020 budget,

The Commissioner said motorised boreholes would also be drilled in some areas of the state capital such as Ita Koko, Ita Elepa by Offa Garage (Ilorin), Adefalu, Aliara village, and rehabilitation of some boreholes at Alanamu area by the end of the month.

“In addition to that, there will also be rehabilitation of the ductile pipe at Alagbado bridge before the end of the month. On the whole, we are happy that a great improvement has been recorded in the water sector, especially in the area of coverage and supply,” she said.

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