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Ignorance they say is a disease that kills faster than an aimed bullet. This is a case of an escaped confirmed COVID-19 patient from one of the isolation centre in Abuja.

A woman who was reportedly missing from an isolation centre in Abuja a native of IGAH IKEJE in KOGI STATE escaped from the isolation centre, boarded a vehicle (exposing co commuters) from Abuja. Dropped at Ejule in KOGI STATE, entered another car from EJULE to IGAH IKEJE where he entered bike (BIKE MAN exposed) to her house at IGAH IKEJE with an intention to visit a Tradomedical home at AGALA in IGAH IKEJE Axis the following day. Before her visit to AGALA, NCDC Officials traced her to IGAH IKEJE and apprehended her back to the isolation centre in Abuja leaving the exposed Okada man and his family, her family members with passengers from Abuja-Ejule and Ejule-Igah behind.

This is to cry out to the KOGI STATE GOVERNMENT to immediately swing into action to make sure these contacts are traced and quarantined. I as a concerned citizen advice that lifted Bans of worship centers and social gatherings be imposed with immediate effect and impose strict lockdown until they are fetched out.

The fight against COVID-19 is a collective responsibility. Let’s all share this post until it gets to the appropriate quarters. God help us all.

Adeboh Jonathan Smart
Writes from KOGI STATE.

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